Hiya all. first time poster to these boards..kinda new to the pc building sceen. Anyways ive purchased all my bits and got it all up and running but im having a few problems. The aerocool coolview case looks amazing with the jet black look and the lcd display on the front but for some reason it just flashes red on and off constantly. Ive downloaded the gatewatch software but the panel wont let me change color but i can do everything else with it. Im not sure if this is relavant but ive chosen not to connect the cpu fan to the case and rather to the mothboard(asus deluxe) ive also noticed that there are 4 cables (i think they are fan monitors) that are from the case that i cant attach to anything(hdd,vga,cpu and case ). Any clues where im going wrong?

Well, it is very possible that your case doesnt like having the fan connected and it is flashing because of that. My coolermaster aerogate 3 fan speed controller flashes on a fan that it cant get a reading of (if it thinks the fan stopped spinning to warn you) and yours may be doing the same thing. I'd just give it a try and see what happens.