i recently baught a comp with ASUS A89-E motherboard,AMD 64 bit athlon processor, 1 gb ram and 256mb graphics card ..

the problem is that the comp shuts down suddenly in the middle of any game with high graphics..

what may be the reason???

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What kind of memory you got there?... and video card?

Motherboards and processors are rarely associated with overworking your box, unless it comes to heating issues, where your BIOS may initiate an attempt to save your machine by turning it off.

I can't find your "ASUS A89-E" model off the ASUS site, so I'm guessing you misspelled the name.

As far as memory, test one stick at a time to find a possible culprit.
Give me some info on your hardware and I'll be able to get some solutions.


my motherboard s asus a8n-e.. sorry i mis spelt it last time..

the graphics card is 256mb nvidia 6200 g force..

2 sticks of 512 mb ram..

the pc shuts down only when i play games with high graphics..

thank you..


Alright... usually, RAM issues cause a blue screen, giving you some information about what device malfunctioned and what sector/section of the RAM was having an issue. This is the result of a RAM incompatiblility failure. If the two sticks are different speeds or types, the system can have difficulty starting up altogether.

One more thing: Which operating system do you have? I'm guessing XP, but you may have XP 64-bit edition as well, so I'm not sure what to recommend. There's this chipset installer I think you should get, at this page here: ASUSTek Driver Downloads Select the motherboards category... Socket 939... then the A8N-E.

You'll want to choose the "Drivers" tab on the page that follows, and scroll down until you see one of these:
1.) If you have XP (no 64-bit OS)

Version V6.65 2005/07/26update


Description nVidia Chipset(CK804) driver version V6.65 for Windows XP(WHQL).
To avoid crashing file system, please do update the chipset driver before updating Bios version 1006 or later

File Size 30.07 (MBytes)

2.) If you have XP (64-bit edition)

Version V6.65 2005/07/26update

OS WinXP 64bit

Description nVidia Chipset(CK804) 64 bit driver version V6.65 for Windows XP 64bit(WHQL)
To avoid crashing file system, please do update the chipset driver before updating Bios version 1006 or later

File Size 30.99 (MBytes)

Whichever you have, download and install. This will get your motherboard drivers straight.

After you install and restart, head over to nVidia Drivers
You'll want "Graphics Driver"-->GeForce and TNT2"-->Then whichever OS you got.
Download, and install.

Tell me if you got any better results as far as stability.


It kindof just sounds like his graphics card is overheating, doesnt it? Maybe a new graphics card heatsink/fan would do the trick, or a pci exhaust blower fan, or both? I could be wrong, but this is what it makes me think the problem is. Those stock fans just dont do the job anymore.

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