My computer, Compaq Presario, keeps shutting part way off like it does when you put in standby but then it won't wake up. I had the same problem about about a week and a half ago and it wouldn't stay on long enough to boot up. I finally took the front panel off and wiggled the cords to the switch a little bit and it worked fine so I thought it was something on the panel holding the switch in too long. I never put the front panel back on and it worked fine except for a time or two until a couple of days ago. I took the switch out and wiggled the cord and made sure they were plugged in tight but it won't do more than switch on then it shuts part way off. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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wiggle ,wiggle made it but now its broke ,so the original reason the wiggle worked needs fixing ,re-solder wires perhaps

I think I discovered was the real reason it kept shutting down. I tried to think what else I did the other day that might have been the solution rather than just taking the front panel off. Then I remembered that I had wiggled and pushed in the cables to the hard drive, etc. so I tried it again and now it's working fine! Thank you anyways for responding to my post!

your welcome ,good luck

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