HI everybody , i have asked the sellsman to place a core 2 duo processor of 1.8 ghz but instead he gave me 2.5 ghz dual core , did he looted me and can a dual core with higher clock speed can beat loe core 2 duo processor?

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A core 2 duo is a dual core processor i do believe, so basically your going from a dual core 1.8Ghz cpu, to a 2.5Ghz cpu, is that what your asking?

core 2 duo is a line of dual core processors. depending what kind of dual core he installed, then yes... a 2.5 could be better than your core 2 duo @ 1.8 just make sure it wasn't a pentium D chip that he put in. the easiest way to see what CPU you have is, go to the start menu, and right click on 'computer'. click on properties.
a window will open showing you the processor you're running, the memory, the exact operating system you have, etc...

The 2.5 ghz dual core is a better chip than the 1.8 ghz Core 2. It is a better design with faster circuitry, not even considering the higher clock speed ghz speed.

Both belongs to the same class. Core 2Duo is just a step higher than Dual Core. You do not need to worry.

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