I just bought a new Shuttle Bare Bones SH61R4. I need to know which type of memory I need, speed and (ECC and Dual Channel). I am confused as to the ECC and dual channel. The information says 1066/1333 dual channel. Do I have to also have ECC memory? I would like to have 8 GB's I am planning to run windows 7 at 32 bits. Does it make much difference to have 1066 or 1333?

Tanks in advance for your help

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Faster is better. 64-bits is better than 32. ECC memory is better because your computer will continue to run if there is a memory chip problem. As for 8GB of RAM for Win7-32bits? Don't bother - it can only use 4GB of ram, which is why you REALLY want to install the 64-bit version. It can still run 32-bit applications.

Thanks for your reply. What about 1066 vs 1333

That is the speed of the RAM chips and channel. If your RAM modules are 1333 capable, and the channel supports that, then you get about a 1/3 memory I/O speedup, which can be significant - hence my comment about "faster == better". :-)

Thanks rubberman. Fast reply and good advice.

One more question. What do you think about this memory for my computer Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 4GB DDR3 SDRAM 1600MHZ PC12800 XMS3 Dual Channels.

great advice indeed ,just like to add there website for support lists of cpu/ram harddrive ect ect

Thank You Again

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