I am attempting to connect a monitor for a wireless security system to my network.
This monitor connects to a Pc with a USB cable. At present I can only view the camera images on the PC the monitor connects to.

I want to be able to view the camera from any computer in my home via the wireless network.

As this monitor does not have an IP address for access, I am thinking if I use a USB hub devce,and connect the monitor to my wireless router, I hope I will then be able to see this monitor on my network.

Can anyone tell if this will work?

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You mentioned monitor and camera. Are you referring to the same device?

For you to be a me to tap into a device that is not directly connected, but connected via a USB device, the software would need to be aware and support this type of connection.

Based on your description so far, it doesn't sound like its a supported connection.

if it like the one I hooked up ,the camera is wireless to the 6 inch monitor that can then be plugged into the computer via a usb cable and using software installed on the computer can then be used to monitor the camera ,instead of using the 6in monitor ,but it will not hook to the wireless router to show on any computer on the network ,not the one I hookedup anyway

Yes the camera and monitor is as you described. By using a USB hub connection THe hub will connect to the router,much like connecting a USB printer or USB webcam.

Would the software for the monitor be accessable through file sharing to other computers on the network?

based on how things have to be to work wifi ,I don't think it will work the way you think it will work ,but im not 100% sure ,first I don't think thats what the usb connection on the modem is for ,I think it for connecting to a commputer instead of using a cat5 cable

From expericne, i know my wireless modem router at home has a USB port, and i have a 1TB external hard drive connected to it to use as a network wide drive. That is what i believe mine is designed for, i doubt the usb port would be to connect a pc, because the usb management console in my router is storage device only. Maybe the router firmware doesnt support the camera? I reckon rod1947 may be right, if you can access the device and get it shared, then it will work.

hazzag1995,you are correct ,I got mixed up with my old cable modem ,that has a usb connection that I think was only used for internet connection .
but I still say the camera will not connect wirelessly to the router ,they connect to the little monitor/wireless combo device that comes with them

I think this discussion is going down the wrong track, or perhaps i have not descibed it correctly. My goal is to connect the provided camera system monitor through a USB hub, which should then give an ip address to the supplied monitor. If this occurs i then should be able to see the monitor on my home wireless network. this i hope will allow me to access the monitor wirelessly from my other computers on the network.I have installed the provided software on all of the computers on the network, I just need to be able to access the monitor from any computer. Any thoughts on if this arrangement will work as I hope. Thanks.

I take it the software supports searching your network for the camera?

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