I got a cheap mobo from fry's and it has two pci slots and an agp slot. mr problem is taht it only has two ide ports. I want two hardrives but I don't want a hardrive to ahve to share an ide cable with anything. I want to put in a pci card that has ide ports but I have no room due to my 9550 taking up a little too much space. Do any of you know of a fix for this. -thanks

You will not have any problem if you stick the two hard drives on the same cable. The only other option i see for you is to get usb hard drives, but then you will be worse off than just adding the second hard drive to the same cable. I would recomend putting the two together on the cable.

won't that slow the hardrives down horribly

No, not at all. I doubt you will see the difference. The only time you would ever maybe get an advantage of 2 seperate channels is when you are sending huge huge files between the drives, and then it might be a 5-10% loss in speed. I have my main 2 on the same channel and transfer big files between them all the time, and i think its pleanty fast.