OK guys, im new to this forum, and would like some help pls.

This was my set-up

AMD 64 3500+
K8N Neo2 Plat
256MB GEFORCE 6800 GT agp

One night whilst watching TV downstairs there was a loud bang and the power went off in the house.

After tripping the power, it was clear that it was a sockets prob. So I checked out the PC.... no power, so I thought, OK, PSU has blown, so I replaced the PSU to see that everything now powered up (mobo fans, g card fans etc.)

But.. PC wouldnt post. No signal to the monitor and no beep. So tried clearing CMOS... nothing, tried new AGP card.. nothing... tried new ram.. nothing... bought new mobo.. and am still getting nothing.

So, Ive come to the conclusion that this must now be cpu? Am I missing anything really obvious here?? Cant be 2 faulty boards can it?

Remove every thing you can drives modems, even vid card, leave the speaker, now power up do you hear a beep, if soit may not be in the M/B, remove the RAM chips do you hear beeps. If you have removed all but hear no beeps, then I would look at the motherboard and remove the CPU, look for burn marks, discoloration, if you find any scrap the M/B and CPU

Cant be 2 faulty boards can it?

It definitely can (I've had it happen), but isn't the most likely scenario. Since you indicated that you've tried the usual troubleshooting steps with the mobo, RAM, and peripheral cards, I'd suspect the CPU.

OK guys, definetily the CPU.

Does anyone know if the MSI K8N NEO-2 54g Platinum mobo will support dual core proccessers? I've tried searching but there doesn't seem to be much around.

I've tried searching but there doesn't seem to be much around.

Except perhaps this, from the MSI website? :mrgreen: