When I flashed the bios using Compaq's SP file in XP, I received an error message "Unable to write block 4". The computer then shut down and will not post. I can get a new bios chip and have it written, but I need the binary file with 512K. Compaq has not been any help. Does anyone know where I can get this file? My specific Presario model is the 722US.

I have a box full of boned out organ doner boards.. Whats your address I'll send you a new chip from one of these. Did you have 128 or 256 onboard ram?

Do you still have any of the spare chips or boards? Do you mean that you have whole motherboards? I think that I may be in need of one, but everything I can find is way too expensive.

can you send one to me ? i will pay you the shipping costs! Thanks Nuno

ikenfixit is the one who has parts. Not me. You should reply to his thread the second from the top. My computer is running great to boot!

can you send one to me ? i will pay you the shipping costs! Thanks Nuno email nunocanizes@hotmail.com

ikenfixit is the one who had the parts--not me.

is banned! i dont no why ! no longer a registered user! thanks Nuno My laptop is running fine now but i cant power off if i do it ! i will take to days of trys in the power botton to star again ! hehehe Nuno

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