my computer is notebook dell inspiron N4110
PXE-MOF:existing ROM problem, this problem start when every time i tried reinstall the laptop with windows,
i've read in internet, every one tell me that your hard drive is broke but my ubuntu work like charm, can you help me with this problem?

sorry for my bad english

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This is happening because Ubuntu has set up the boot sector for its own purpose. The PXE message appears because your BIOS can't find anything to boot from and so tries to boot from a network connection, which is what the PXE message refers to - it can't find a network configuration to boot from.

Before you do anything, back-up your important stuff.

Download SuperGrub2 and burn it to a disk ready for use. You will need it to establish your Ubuntu and Windows dual boot.

Using your Windows 7 Disc follow the instructions on this page to reset your MBR. (Master Boot Record) After you do this you will not be able to boot into Ubuntu until you fix up the dual boot with SuperGrub2 after the installation of Windows 7.

After you've dare this you should be able to install Windows, and following that you can sort out your dual boot using SuperGrub2. Instructions Here.

Detect any OS

This option will search all partitions on all drives for operating systems, and create a menu to choose among the OSs it finds. If you would like to look at or correct a menu entry you can press 'e' to edit the menu entry and ctrl+x to execute your edited entry. Currently supported OSs are GNU/Linux (though support for separate /boot partitions has not yet been implemented), FreeBSD, Mac OSX/Darwin, and all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Thanks for your help BigPaw, you're awesome :D
everything is fine now :)

Thank you, it's very kind of you to say this. :)

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