I tried to start my laptop this morning but it comes on and keeps
rebooting without opening up. I can hear the fans going
but it wont boot properly just keeps rebooting constantly

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Can you try to boot into Windows Safe mode? Hit F8 right after the POST completes.

tried that the laptop just keeps rebooting after a few seconds


How far do you get with booting? Does windows start to load, then restart or does it randomly reboot when powered on?

Was any updates or programs installed before shuting the laptop down?

just randomly reboots when started no programmes or updates loaded

Have you tried booting by selecting last good know configuration?

i cant even get into any mode, when i switch on it starts up a few seconds later it goes off and reboots on and on

Any beeping? Messages displayed? Can you enter BIOS?

Cant enter bios no beeping

How far does the booting goes;
1. Blank screen
2. Manufacturers welcome screen
3. Loading windows
4. Log on screen
5. Desktop

Pls, choose so that we know specifically from what stage it reboot.

Comes on i can hear fans black seconds later reboots and starts all over againBlank Screen

Try removing the laptop battery, they can cause this. - unplug the power supply first!
Also, check your power supply is giving the correct voltage.

Got problem solved. I had two different types of ram memory installed, when i removed the wrong one, it booted up successfylly. Thanks all for your help.

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