Oh I hope someone can help...my daughter has a toshiba satellite C655 laptop. She got a virus last
Month so I reset windows 7. I set a password on the bios. When I try and get on at all it auto goes to password bios screen. I put in bio password and now its backspacing on its own..will.not let me put in password..it enters one I originally put in..accidently wrong one..and it backspaces it or just puts that same password in and will not let me put in correct password.
I tried unplugging n taking out battery n let it sit. Ive tried putting the replacement windows USB in and it wont get pass that password screen in f12..cant get to anything. Is there anythinb I can try before I have to spend money to get it fixed at best buy?
I learn fast so if u guys have ideas..oh I am listening...yup a woman that listens lol :p
Thank you
Lori lynn

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It backspaces and re-enters same bio wrong password I accidently entered in first place. What I meant. If I can get it to backspace..thing has stubborn mind of its own..it reenters the password I got wrong in first place over and over..wont let me put in right bios password.

What are you trying to say? That your computer cleans up the password a you are typing it?

Just a quick clarification, please. When you talk about typing in this password, when does it ask you for it? If it asks you for a password almost immediately after you turn the laptop on, before windows begins loading, then that may be a BIOS password. But, if it is asking you for a password to log into Windows, then that is a Windows password. Could you just confirm which password you are having a problem with, please? A Windows password or a BIOS password?

If I didn't ask my question above in a clear manner, could you in general terms, tell us what appears on the screen from the moment you turn on the laptop, please?

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You can easily remove or reset the bios password. The most easiest way to reset the bios password is. Firstly you need turn-off your computer properly then open the cover of the cabinet of your computer then just go to motherboard and remove the cmos battary for some time and after that insert the cmos battry again. After that you can easily reset the password of the bios.

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