I recently bought new pc parts, namely a z77 pro4 motherboard, 2 sticks of 4gb g skills ram and an I5 processor. when installed for the first time, i thought i had set to boot from usb so i could reinstall windows from my usb stick. this didnt happen and it proceeded to run windows repair. now i cannot get a signal to my monitor. I have tried going back to my old pc parts with the same result, no signal to monitor. is it possible that this attempted repair has stopped it running correctly? it ended by saying that it cannot find a solution, so i thought it didnt do anything. computer all lights up the way it always has just produces no signal. neither board came with a speaker so i dont know about the beep system.

so far i have tried several things, i have taken the ram sticks out 1 by 1, tried all slots, no change.
removed the bios battery and replaced, no change.
taken out the graphics card and tried the monitor straight into motherboard, no change.
tried holding the power button for a minute too drain excess power, no change...

is there anything else i can try?

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the related article mentions a power supply compatability issue at the end, the old motherboard had an extra 4 pin power cable going into it at a socket labelled "3". the z77 doesnt have this. however that still wouldnnt explain why my old hardware wont work.

something ive just noticed, the monitor does recognise when i take the cable out of the motherboard as it changes from no signall to no cable attached..

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Try checking if you plugged it in wrong or try bending the cord a little to see if the cord is bad.

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