I have an old HP Pavilion running Windows XP Home that started showing me a blank screen suddenly. I've tried a few things.

When I power it on via the power button, the initial display allows me to F1 into settings. It also allows me to start Windows in Recovery Mode from where I can see what is on the C:\ drive as well what is within the directories on the C:\ drive. I had a couple of partitions on the machine and when I chdir to those, I hear a whirring sound althought am not able to look into those.

I also connected the ethernet cable to the machine and checked my DHCP clients table. That machine does not appear in the list of connected machines.

I'm not sure what I could try next at home. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions / advise.


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I cant find any consistent spec's for this. Is it a laptop, a desktop, or an All-in-one? Can you give us a link to anything about it, please?

Does it show you a blank screen every time, or can you actually use it normally sometimes? At what point would there be a blank screen? Does it happen when it starts booting, or while you're using Windows?

It's an HP all in one desktop. It shows a blank screen everytime after it gets past the Starting Windows XP Home screen. If I divert to Windows in Recovery Mode, I can do that and browse the c:\ drive. But then if I exit out and it goes into the normal loading of windows, it immediately brings up a blank screen.

This appears to be a problem with a rogue driver. Please follow these suggestions and then let us know how you get on. :)

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