This is my FIRST day here... I am working with a Dell computer about 5 years old... The computer will NOT recognize the cdrom/dvd combo drive after an update from Microsoft screwed things up.. The drive letter doesn't even show.. Under Device Manager it shows it as NOT installed.. Since I cannot install it from a cdrom anymore, I need to find the file that will INSTALL the combo drive for me.. I have looked til I am blue in the face..I don't want a program to search the hard drive and check all drivers, I want ONE DRIVER, that is IT !! I don't think a Firmware will do it either since it cant update what isn't initially installed anymore..Plus removing it from device manager wont work because I don't have my install cd anymore anyways. PLUS as I said it wouldn't read it even if I had it.. I am looking for the following: I am looking for the DRIVER for an XP machine for this: CDRW/DVD SM-352f That's it.. Can anyone help??? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP !! Thx again

You might try using a generic driver and there are plenty around to download. It will at least make the drive work if it is workable but it does sound as though there might be an electrical fault or connection problem.