Hi, I have a bit of a problem I just built a computer for my brother and well I can not install any operating system on it. I've been pulling my hair out over this up half the night and thus far all day trying to figure something out.

My gut tells me that it may just be something as simple as the hard drive has went bad, but I have gotten everyone's two cent on this from it may be in the processor... it could be running too hot, or the power supply may not be sufficient (at 450watts?)

What happened was yesterday after finishing the build it was started in safe mode, then reset to start up normal, once starting windows normal it flashed a blue screen (for a split second, it was on and off so fast all I did see was the color) and the system rebooted itself. This continued several times in either safe mode or normal, so I gave up deciding to reinstall xp, only to find out that is easier said than done. At first I thought it just might be my disk was scratched so I went out bought another copy only to see the same thing numerous times from 1% to 12% is as far as it would load before I would see "file can not be copied."

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Well I guess I've figured out the problem so if any one stumbles across this, and may have the same problem check your cpu, I thought mine was running hot to post 114f on post so after reseating the ram once again I opened the case and it's currently installing xp with a fan blowing right on the cpu.

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