I woke up this morning and went to turn my computer on, it usually takes a few minutes to start up so I left it to do it's thing. When I came back a few minutes later the computer seemed totally normal, but both my monitors were in 'power saving mode' and I could not get through to log in at all.
I turned it off and on again and saw that there is never a time that I can access the BIOS screen, the monitors are powered down 100% of the time. I went inside and cleaned the dust off the ports to no avail.
I am in no way a computer guy, and I am stumped. Does anybody have some ideas on what could be wrong, or how to fix it?

This happened to me once, this is what I did. Assuming you are on windows, as soon as you see the manufacterer logo, spam the F8 key, windows advanced startup options should appear, key down with the arrow keys and hit enter on "Last known good configuration". Probably a windows driver that messaed up some drivers no biggie.

No, there is no windows logo. There is zero start up screen. No matter what I do the screens stay inactive and display nothing.

If you are not hearing the POST (Power On Self Test) Beep, or you are hearing multiple beeps (error) then I would first look at memory (most likely the culprit).

Are you running Crossfire/SLI? (Dual Video Cards Crossfire(ATi) SLI(Nvidia))

i would look at CMOS battery first...replace and test on the motherboard...it must be a small button type silver thing on the motherboard...2032...all the best

I don't hear the beep, but I'm not sure my computer ever made the beep though that could just be misremembering on my part. If it is memory, then how would I fix it?

Also if I was to reset BIOS to factory settings, that wouldn't wipe my harddrive or anything, right?

For Memory:

Pull one module out at a time, swapping them till you find the bad module (if any)


No, resetting the CMOS will not whipe a hard drive, but can/will reset the boot settings.

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