Hi anyone help please, we have a Dell Inspiron 1525, was working fine then power started to flicker, it would go off then after a short time come back on again, this went on for a few weeks, then went off all togeather, not a scrap of power, green led was lit on AC adaptor but still i assumed that was the problem so bought a new one.

Connected new adaptor, not a scrap of power, don't know anything about removing bits stc.

Any suggestions please.

It sounds as if your plug in the machine has developed a broken connection. The description is typical of the process. I would suggest (depending on your own level of expertise or daring) to either open the case, find and repair (solder) the broken connection by yourself or bring it in to a repair shop to have the job done for you.

Thanks will try the repair shop, tried to remove back but cannot get it off completely.

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