I've just been given an ex-office IBM thinkcentre A50p 8422 tower,Pentium 4 3.2 gig, no drive or memory.
The problem... When I transposed my current sata drive and memory into it (windoze 7 ultimate) and powered up,
I got the beeps! It seems to be, after several attempts, 3,1,4,3. I've googled and bing'ed this several times, but can't find an explanation, any ideas, guys? The drive and memory are working, using them now in this intel atom 1.6 gig board, and I reset the cmos in the IBM. I'm foxed!

The base drivers for the windows installation you're trying use are for a different system, therefore windows needs them replaced with the base drivers for your system. I've never tried it with Win7, but you should be able to to an install as an upgrade, that will keep your existing installation and replace any drivers that need replacing.

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