My sister was on her laptop and then all of a sudden a screen came up saying she had broken the law and she has to pay a fine..What's it all about??Please help!!

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What kind of screen, can you tell if it's from a web browser, from windows or really from the notebook manufactor?

If possible post a picture.

It's a scam/malware that's going around. I am sure that the note presented to you will say if you pay a certain amount of money, it will be taken care of.

sounds like the fbi scam, which a friend had, there are a couple of fixes but i don't remember where i found them, a google search should point you in the right direction. DEFINITELY DO NOT PAY ANYTHING as this will NOT fix the problem. I will look around and get back to this thread.

This sounds like the FBI scam which my friend had, DO NOT in any circumstances pay anything to anyone. There is a simple solution to this problem if i can remember where to look. I will get back to this when i find it. stay cool, you are not on your own with this nasty piece of work.

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these are a few articles on removing the virus, that is if it is indeed a varient of the FBI scam. what "I" did first was start in safe mode with networking, went straight to : start/all programs/startup/, in this folder was a file called "ctfmon" , i deleted this entry and rebooted in safe mode and ran malwarebites, rebooted and voila it was gone, it may not be that simple for you, so read the articles thoroughly and try what you understand and can follow, it can be a bit technical so maybe get a computer savvy mate to help. The ctfmon file in the startup folder was not ctfmon.exe it was in fact, which is the file that activates the virus at startup. good luck, don't give in to it, it can be fixed. If none of this works get back to this thread and ask for more help. ps: i am running xp sp3, you may not be, so read as many articles as you can till you find the right one. Good luck.

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