i am having a hard time deciding my configuration for a Asus K50I "

i noticed that the Refurbished laptop have a Great price $609, 2.0 intel core 2 duo,4gb,320gb,6cell,Dell 1395 802.11G Wireless Mini Card.

For that price it seems to good to be truth, but i have no experience with refurbished laptop.

What is causing me confusion is, if i should go for a new laptop that has ,2.0ghz(same cpu), 3gb,250gb,intel next gen wireless N, 9 cell battery
for $779, all because the $10 for the wireless and 70$ for the battery
and it has a 195$ discount already of the original price.

The 9 cell battery will run about 150% or more longer than the 6 cell one, and if you were to get a 9 cell for a new one, it would probably be about $99 extra, not $70 - a decent price in my opinion. $10 for the wireless is worth the price. Note that 9-cell batteries usually will extend from the back (or front - depending upon model) of the computer about an inch in order to accomodate the larger battery. My Dell D630 extends to the front. My Lenovo does it to the back. Both extend the system size by about 1 inch.