Hi guys!

I am a laptop user and uses my laptop mostly for gaming. While using my laptop, I placed an electric fan at the back, directly blowing air to my unit. It is effective and this kept my laptop from lag. The problem is when I am gaming at other places where I do not have the luxury to have an electric fan to be a cooling system for my unit. So I am planning to buy a cooling pad.

My unit is an Aspire 4741z(P6000, 2Gb DDR3 RAM, Intel HD graphics). The left side of my unit is where the heat always build up. Moslty in the lower mid-left part.

Now for my Qs:
-what cooling pad do you recommend?
-or an alternate cooling system?
-in a cooling pad, what should I consider, a higher CFM or higher speed(RPM)?

Thanks in advance!

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don't have a cooling fan to suggest ,but i will suggest can of compressed ait ,to keep you cpu cooling fan and heatsinc clear of dust ,doesn't take much dust to cause heat buildup

I'd take a higher throughput (CFM) over just higher speed fans. Larger fans can move more air at lower speeds, which makes them quieter for the same work.

I've not looked at what's available in a long time, but I can attest to the usefullness of cooling pads. I had an HP laptop that at times I'd have running for upwards of 8 hours straight. Nothing taxing, it was just running. It would get so hot it just about locked up. When I started using an active cooling pad with it, never again did it seem to care about how long it ran.

So what I should consider is the CPM, and a bigger fan cooling pad. Tnx.

Targus Laptop Chill Mat Cooling Pad will be best for your laptop.

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