Hi, after successfully Installing additional ram, my computer will go threw the boot process up to when windows should be visible but then goes blank. The system is fully visible and functions well in SAFE mode. I attempted several troubleshooting procedures and then reformatted my hard drive with the Boot disk that came with the computer. The computer functioned fine but the video card ( EVGA Geforce 9800 gtx + ) was not detected by my system and the grafix looked generic. I attempted to use the driver disk that came with the video card, but i got a message stating that there was no hardware in my computer that could benefit from the installation( in other words ). After reboot the screen is blank again and windows is not visible. Threw out this whole process my monitor has been connected to my video card in question which visibly seems to be working, the fan on the card works. So that's the problem I cant get windows to appear normally. My limited knowledge of computers has been exhausted and before i follow my next hunch and buy a new video card or pay 199.00$ to geek squad to troubleshoot i would to get your subjective expert opinions. Ty in advance.
**Windows Vista 64bit
**Gigabite MOBO
**EVGA Geforce 9800GTX+
**6GB Corsair Ram

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I have the same card, and this happened to me once before, the problem is probably some software. Simple reinstall Windows, or reset to factory settings if available.

The issue sounds as if it is possibly a graphics driver issue. Go to www.nvidia.com and locate their downloads section. Download the driver for your operating system and video card, pay attention to getting drivers for your --64bit-- operating system. NVIDIA uses a unified driver meaning that 1 driver fits all...kind of. Reboot the PC in safemode and once you get to the desktop install your newly downloaded driver.

Let us know if this works for you.

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