Hey guys,does any1 know how to solve the mystery of making your fans run a bit quiet (like the IBM desktop PC's).I got a foxconn p4m800p7ma motherboard with 3 fans. 3 x 80mm's 1 on the CPU, 1 on the back of the Case and 1 in the PS. I recently replace the on on the case and it still seems to run like b4.What do i do?please any suggestions will help.

I use rubber 'rivets' to attach my fans to the frame - I also prefer the larger 120mm fans.

Where can i purchase this rubber rivets?And i used a 120mm but it makes even a louder winding sound,what cud that be?i think mainly its the PS fan.

Here is an ad for them.

Break it down for me - use a flexible tube (like vacuum cleaner hose) aimed at each fan - do all the fans make the same amount of noise? Does the noise change if the case is open? Do the fans pulling air make the same noise as those pushing air (in/outtake)?

I just thought id let you know before i was about to try the demo you told me i unplugged the power supply fan, The pc was much more quieter.As soon as i plugged it in agen same annoying sound starts....What now?

My personal feeling about power supplies is if the fan is noisy the voltages could be noisy - if you do not have the tools or knowledge to test the line voltages and have the funds, buy a new ps. Look for ps calculators like this

the fan aint noisy it just blows kinda loud im sure it can blow softer,plus my power supply is still in a good condition and the fan i put in i bought recently.

I discovered ,after trying different fans in the PS,that its the PS box maybe thats accumulating the air and making that wind sound coz i even installed a smaller fan and it still gives that sound so is there no other way i can quiet it down a bit?

Did you blow out the dust and crud from the case and the ps?
Is the volume of air sucked in greater than the volume blown out?
What happens if you open one of the pci slots in the back? If that changes the 'texture' of the sound, maybe you could add a pci fan near your vid card (another source of heat).

i found the fault buddy,the fans were drawing too much voltage,i tried 2 methods and distinguished the problems and what to do inturn.thanks plenty much

WOW! I had never heard of that before - good work!