I can't start from a CD (OS XP, nor NT). It just restarts over and over. I managed to stop it from restarting after the usual flash of blue-screen that --until that time I could not read it--gives me the C000021a Stop Error Message.
Before it restarts it does say, 'No 80 --something---primary IDE cable installed". However, it shows my MAXTOR HD as the primary boot device.
I've tested the video card, I've tested the hard drive itself, the motherboard claims it can handle the RAM speed, etc., ...Other motherboard jumpers appear ok.....

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remove any unnecessary pc components not needed to install windows. You should only have one hard drive, one rom drive, and your video card. Then, go into the bios, and set your ram to a slower speed. Then check and make sure the boot order is correct, and try it again. Also, are you runing ram in dual channel? do you have more than one stick of ram? if so, try just one stick of ram at a time, and try them in different slots as well. It may be a bad stick of ram, or it may be a bad slot.

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