I own a HP DV8000 (P/N: EZ580UA#ABA) and for the life of me I cannot figure out what is wrong with it. I plug in the AC cord and the blue battery light flashed about 6-7 times. I took the battery out, pressed the power button and held it for 30 seconds, put the AC plug back in (battery still out) with the same flashing light. When I do hit the power button the blue flashing battery light and the blue power light flash (very dim) and a static sound comes from the speakers (very rapid static sound). This happens for about 3-4 seconds then goes right back into the blue battery light flashing.

Anyone have any ideas?

I want to fix it, but I don't want to break the bank on it ya know.

Thanks for your help!


If it won't even post that's not a good sign. But let's not freak out yet. First thing I would do is get to the memory. Try taking out all the DIMMs and use them one at a time and see if any of them work. Put one in and see if it powers up. If not, take that out and put aside and try another one. Do that until you tried each stick by itself and see if any of them start up. It's possible that it could just be that one of the sticks is bad.

What happens when you use the battery, but not the external power supply? Does it do the same thing? Your post wasn't explicit about that. If it does, then there is some material problem with the system. I presume from your post that it is out of warranty. If so, then go to the HP support web site and see what they will charge to repair it. Usually that is a flat fee. If it is too much (after all, they will prefer to sell you a new computer), then look for alternatives. I have an independent computer store in my area that refurbishes computers and laptops, and sells them for really good prices, with warranty. There may be someone like that in your area. They also do repairs. Many times, such problems are something as simple as bad capacitors on the motherboard, which a competent repair depot can handle - even my grandson can do that (he is a really good electronics wizard, since he was about 8 years old).

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