hello everyone and thank you for reading my post.

Here is my question lead: I currently have a MSI K8N Neo2 platinum board with 4 slots for dual channel RAM. I Currently have two slots populated with 1GB (2 x 512MB) sticks of RAM.

QUESTION: IF i bought a 512MB (2 x 256MB) kit of the EXACT same Corsair ram with the only exception that its 256 instead of 512, will they still all work in Dual Channel mode?

I think the question is clear, but if anyone would like me to clarify it, please PM me or post.

***OR*** What if I bought a single stick of 512MB from Corsair that is identical in everyway to the other two 512's, would that work?

Before anyone spouts off from only a theory, let me tell you this. I had a 1gb kingston (2 x 512mb) dual channel kit and a single stick of kingston 256mb that was identical in everyway to the two 512's except it was only 256. I was using them in a ASUS A8NX-E Deluxe board. When the board would post, it would say how much ram I had and it would say "Dual Channel Enabled"
. With that being said, please, someone let me know.

Thank you.

Sorry, i got carried away to helping other people that I pushed my new post down. I would like an answer, so i am just trying to get it bumped back up to the top.

I don't see any problems you might have with any of your options however i think if you just bought 1 512mb chip that would run slightly better. You may just want to turn your ram setting off dual channel and have all your chips running like that but i think whatever option you choose should work. just rember to wear your static strap.

Yes, providing your memory modules(how ever many you use) are precisley identical in make, manufacturer and format, then size does not matter!

My asus A8V deluxe has the same set up as yours(by the sound of things).
I have 4 DIMM slots, 2 on one bank, 2 on the other.
On each bank one slot is blue and the other is black. ie A1 blue, A2 black..and the other bank....B1 blue B2 black.
I run a 2g kit in dual channel mode ie 1g stick in A1 and 1g stick in B1.
I have added 512's of the same genere into A2 and B2 with no drama's
good luck

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