Ok I built my first computer and started up and ran and installed Windows 8 and everything worked fine the computer was up and working I was installing various programs I left the computer on while I went to sleep so I can finish installing programs I woke up and was not on I went to turn on the computer and it and would not turn on the green LED on the motherboard is still on any suggestions? if you need any more information please email me at justinmulkey1988@gmail.com

When you seated the processor, did you add thermal paste?

Power it down and let it cool. What thrillride01 asked is relevant here. Does the CPU have a cooling fan or heatsink attached?

Let me just say, that I have built a lot of systems myself in the past, but even as a professional in this field, when I need a new custom workstation, I pay my local whitebox vendor to build one to my exact specs. He warranty's it, and his business is focussed on doing just that really well. My current system (a dual quad-core monster) he built 5 years ago, and it is still working like a clock, although one of the drives just decided to fail. However, it had a power-on time of 4.8 years, and it is far out of the 3 year warranty for the drive, so I can't blame him! :-)

FWIW, this system is on 24x365 unless I am on vacation for more than a couple of days, when I power it down completely. I once went on a trip, and one of my external disc arrays decided that the fan was going to fail, cooking the drives... :-( They were quite new, and I got the raid array from the same vendor as the drives, so after a bit of complaining, they replaced all of them with new gear. Unfortunately, the data wasn't so easily recoverable.

I aggree in part with rubberman, for anything you are going to store data on like his disk array, it is good to have a local vendor warrant the hardware, but I disaggree about the computer itself and here is why: I have been building custom machines since the days of dial up modems and what I have found is that if something is going to go out, it is ussually going to do so withing the manufacturers warranty period, or it is going to happen outside of the vendors warranty period meaning its either going to happen fast in which case you can return it to where you bought it like tigerdirect or new egg, or its not going to happen till allot later. For me, it is worth it to just deal with the manufacturer if there is a problem, I pay alot less money this way. Here is the rub, if you are unsure of your building skills however, it may be worth it for you to have it done because if it becomes screwed up because of what you did, your warranty is void. I build a new system about every 2 years, I like the newest and greatest stuff as I am a gamer and I have a 1 gig machine here that I built back in 2002 that is still humming right along. I have had to replace HD and a couple of fans, but all in all its still going. The point is this, its all up to you and your peace of mind whether you trust yourself enough to do the work right or whether you would feel better letting someone else take the risk. Good luck.

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