I have recently purchased a S-video cable so that i can watch videos from my laptop on my TV. My laptop (Samsung V25) has a S-Video socket on the side and my television also has a S-Video socket. What I have tried is to plug the cable into each and then toggle the function F4 key to change it from different monitors. However, this does not work and no image is picked up on any AV channel. It does flash for a second on the TV, which shows it does recognise something. In the display settings it only recognises one monitor and i have no option of selecting a secondary monitor. If any of you can help i would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.


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You will have to enable tv display in your display settings.
Right-click desktop space and select properties/settings.
It is usualy the drop-box beneth the "two monitrs" in the illustration.
If not there then if you don't see tab(s) other than "themes","desktop","screen saver", "appearance" and "settings" click on "advanced" button.
Standard tabs there are "general","adapter","monitor","troubleshoot" and "color manager". There should be tab(s) other than that. Click on that different tab and try to find anything regarding a TV display like "detect displays" and such.

Post the results, please.

Nope. There is no "two monitors" in the display. There is just the one. Also there is no drop down box, so i went to the advanced menu and surprise surprise, there was no tab other than the usual. There wasnt even a colour manager tab. :S

Any other ideas you may have will be much appreciated. Thanks

Looks like you need a softwre package that came with your display driver. Or you have it installed allready, but it just isn't reachable via "display settings". In that case there should be something (shortcut or folder) under "Programs" menu.
You should have driver installation cd (maybe not labeled as VGA driver cd) that comes with that laptop. Mentioned software should be there.

The fact that you see only one monitor at display settings means that secondary display is not enabled. That explains the lack of display on tv.

There is another approach:
plug in the tv
restart windows with the tv plugged in (works for some so-called plug & play monitors)

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