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I don't want a computer with a window side panel and I don't want some crazy looking design. I want a computer that will hold back as much noise as possible. What is the quietest one out there????

Honestly? My mini has to be the quietest computer I've ever owned.. my main tower puts out alot of noise...

Try looking for small form factor cases, and remember, less noise means less airflow, which means more heat.

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I actually changed now and it is between the slk3800b and the sonataII. I can get the sonata II for 108 and the slk3800b for 80. The 3800 has a little smaller psu but not much. It has more size so easier to cool and one more 5.25 bay.


The quietest device I have seen is the Apple Mac Cube. No fans. The quietest device I have ever owned is my Palm.

Maybe you should look for a tower to put under your desk, or perhaps a computer to put in another room, and then use remote control utilities (winterm) to connect to it.


my quietest would be the powerbook. My tower is pretty silent when its cool in the room. But when those fans kick in full blast, I can hear the hum downstairs. I'm so accustomed to the hum of a fan, I never cared much for making them silent.

less noise means less airflow, which means more heat.

Not neccessarily. I've seen cases that made no sound at all and kept the PC very cool. Used heat pipes and the whole case acted as a sort of heatsink for the whole system. The downside, the case costs about $1k

There's always a water-cooled rig option.

Kind of crazy if you ask me.
There's also some company that makes massive heatsinks for videocards that would otherwise use a fan.

Check out

Finally, if you're that keen on cutting out the noise at the cost of reduced performance, you can slow down your hard drive, and optical drive(s). You might need some acompanying software.

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I went with the antec p180. Dang near totally silent.

Well you could make the case your self, i have seen many good cases made from many strange objects just do a google search. Some things can make it quite e.g. making it from something with thick metal or something. E.g. Toaster :)

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