The dorm next to my son's was hit by lightning and his computer now will not start. Other computers in the dorm was are OK including his roomates.

After using the reset the power light is comes back on, and when you push power to boot, it starts with normal sounds then after 2 seconds just shuts down. Same result when we remove the battery and drain all the power from the computer. After it shuts down, you need to reset or drain the battery to get power light to show up again.

I have tried to use the XP startup disc and it doesn't get to run the CD prior to shutting down. I removed RAM and reinserted it after seeing that recommended. The CD can be started and used to play music, but no computer boot. Any help would be appreciated.


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The CD can be started and used to play music, but no computer boot.

Please tell me how you do that ,were does the music come from ,if the computer didn't boot



The vpr laptop has a switch on the side that allows you to set the cd to play music without booting the computer.


Looks to me like it's a done deal. If it is a fryed mobo then you cann't do much about it. Except salvage (probably fryed too) memory sticks and HD.

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