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Not any sort of cable I've ever seen, could it be some kind of proprietary cable from a printer or some kind of camera or something?

It appears that one of those is a USB, but it might just be the photograph?


Yeah it does resemble a USB cable. It reminds me of a firewire cable. If it's a printer cable, I wonder what it would be used for, seeing as both sides are identical. It would have to plug into two of the same devices... Printer-to-printer sync cable!

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One end is a usb device end. The others look like fire-wire ends. So, my guess is that it is a usb+fire-wire cable, capable of making a fire-wire to fire-wire device, or fire-wire to usb device connection. It definitely does not look like a USB to fire-wire cable, on the other hand. IE, it should work to connect an Apple system to a USB device (printer, drive, etc), or Apple to other fire-wire device.

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