Okay so my fan si really loud.
My graphic card is loud.
When I play games it gets super loud, too the I wanna kill myself volume.
And when i play games the graphics blink this red/green color ever so often. JUst like..out of nowhere...
Ive been dealing wtuih this shit for about 2 months and I cant fix it.
Ive done everything. Dusted it, replaced the fan, talked to dell support for like 4 hours getting nowhere.
I am so angry right now i just want to grab a big juicy baby and just KICK IT SO FUDGING HARD IN THE HEAD IT DIES!!!!!!!!:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you guys please help me with my problem....

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You should get an aftermarket heatsink. Tell me what kindof graphics card (for example, agp nvidia 6800), and i will show you some good choices.

Those red/green colors you see are called artifacts. They are glitches from the graphics card that occur when it is overheated too much. That is also the same reason your card is so loud. There are many that are quiet and will fix the overheating, just let me know what kind you have.

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