Ok, I found that my computer has 3173 viruses. The anti-virus client AVG didn't do anything about it, could not heal the items nor move them to the virus vault. Scared to shut the computer down I left the machine running for 2 days before a power failure killed it for me. On trying to restart, I could see the post screen and then it shuts down. I have had 3 successful attempts in starting the computer, but each time manages to start without problems it shuts down automatically after about three minutes. Please help me! :mad:

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Did AVG detect this many viruses?

Yes, but it could not move any of then to the vault and the heal button was unavaliable.


Power failure probably sent a surge up the line and fried your PC :(
Is the mobo / psu black or has blown capacitators?

This happened to my pc befoore and the lesson is :USE A SURGE PROTECTOR

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