Hello folks,

I just built my self a quite good computer, after 4 days I finally made it start! All fans are working, graphics are OK, 4 CPU leds showing it work proprely are on, no problems on hardware side. But when it starts I first see a moboo splash screen image and after it skips two line and show's the white pointer bar flashing like if it was ready to write something but does not ...

Specs: MSI 770-G45 (moboo)
cooler master GX 650W (PSU)
ASUS EAH 5450 Silent (videocard)
AMD Athlon II X4 640 (CPU)
cooler master hyper 212 plus (CPU cooler)
OCZ 4GB DDR3 (2x2 gb) DualChanel (RAM)

No BIOS beep code
No error message (simply no message XD)



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My 2 cents:
On the splash screen, you should be able to hit ESC or TAB and get the BIOS startup info. Do you get this? The splash screen is usually a "Quiet Boot" enabled or Verbose boot disabled setting in Bios.

Check for the BIOS startup info and that should give you a clue to your next step.

Also, there is usually a CMOS reset jumper on the mainboard. since it's a new setup, you can safely clear CMOS using the jumper. Check your MOBO manual for details.

Hello CimmerianX,

Thanks for youre reply but yesterday around midnight I finnaly fixed my problem by reseting CMOS as you said, then when it started it asked me to press F1 to setup ou F2 to go on. So set setting, restarted, still two spaces and a line... restarted but with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS version CD and it booted up.

I guess I was too much used with slow boot computer and did not know that the splash screen was the POST .

Thx Anyway for your help.

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