I'm having a problem with no screen but it has all lights lit on the top in the back but no hdd activity or light lit or flickering.

Does not power off & on like some do & tried it with the hddd removed.

Something has to be causing the hdd not to spin up.

Tried the sata hdd in my Compaq laptop & it loaded Vista Home Premium.

Removed both ram chip one by one & no affect.

Battery charges up & all light stay lit.

CPU fan spins as well.

Installed new cmos battery too.

Tried a hard reset by removing the battery too.

Can't figure out what to do next.

Also will not go into bios.

Installed a new mobo in it a long time back for the old board had a gpu chip come unseated from the board.

Need to know what to do next pin pointing the issues.

No sound too.

I installed a copper shim over the GPU when I installed the new board.

I also connected a lcd monitor to the vga port on the laptop but still no screen.

Cannot see any faint background Windows while holding the lid partially closed to see if it might be the bulbs burn't out.

I did notice the had light on the frt. blink 3 times when I turned the power button on & 2 faint beeps inside.

The far left light that has the little clock stays lit as well.

Wireless light stays orange turning it with the switch on.
I really hate to tear ir down if a solution may be availible the easy way.

I repaired it for my Grandaughter for a gift last Xmas & it worked great till now.

Thank's again for your support

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there is a list of what the beeps at startup indicate, just google computer startup beeps or soemthing loike that. Normally these beeps indicate some knid of electrical fault, anything from no keyboard to dead memory, disk drive etc;
It would seem to me perhas to be a cable connector onto the mobo or similiar.

Thanks mjdodd for those tips!
I went ahead & removed the mobo& it looks as though the GPU was burnt from having some dark brown spots on top where the HSF goes. I'm wondering is the copper shim I insatalled when I installed the other new board.
It was a bit larger than the chip.
As I mentioned in my previous post about the HDD light flashing 3 times I did hear a thumping sound from the HDD (It stopped working) then the light went out afterwards like something on the board prevented the HDD to activate. No light what so ever was blinking across the speaker area or the frt. end of the laptop & did hear the 2 beeps inside on the board but no screen came up what so ever.
The HSF grids were clean so i'm figuring my Graddaughter was using it on the bed & blocking the vent causing it nor to breath properly.
Going to get another board (No Used Ones) off Ebay soon & pray that will fix it.
Have to ask her when it had the problem with the no screen issue.
Once I figure out how to upload some pics I will post them.

Back soon!

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