I have a Dell Vostro 1510 and the screen stopped working a few days ago, worked again for a few days and now is off forever, it seems. It works with a monitor, but there are vertical stripes on the screen.
I had to disable the graphics card a few weeks ago, as it was causing the laptop to crash. it's an NVidia.
I do hope someone can help as I am into graphic work and can;t do any with these awful stripes!!
Many thanks indeed!

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Download the latest driver from the nVidia site.

Thank you for your reply! I updated the driver long ago, but it caused my laptp to keep locking up and eventually I had to disable the card altogether. Despite disabling the card, the stripes still showed up a few weeks later! I found out, since posting this here, that this is likely to be a graphic card failure and that Dell Vostro 1510 models made around the same time mine was, are all doomed to failure! Maybe I can get them to fix it, despite being out of warranty, seeing as it was destined to fail right from the start!
Many thanks

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. Such a silly question. Obviously you have to open up the screen configure the micro bio chips, find the extension of the fault and fix accordingly. Take it easy xo

Thank you Master Rattley. Seems I'm not as advanced as you with computers, which is why I came to this forum. Sorry if my question seems silly to you. Can you tell me how to carry out the fix you've suggested?
Many thanks. :)

How old is the 1510 Vostro? i'm not familiar with it. if it's less than 3 years old i should be able to help you with the screen.

I bought it just under 2 years ago. As well as the yellow stripes, the screen has now turned blue!
Many thanks for the help! :)

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