I am using a program which is a compilation of some e-books. The books can be accessed only after installing the program. When I used this program in Win XP, the program window could be maximized to full screen size. But in Win7, it shows a small window which cannot be resized. I am using a wide screen Inspiron Dell laptop. Is this Win7 issue or laptop screen resolution problem? I also tried to change screen settings. Resolution is set to highest (1366x768).Can anybody help me with this problem? It is very irritating to read books in a small window. Thank you. :)

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I am using a program

care to share what program you are using

commented: thanks for your rude answer. there are more polite ways to ask questions. +0

Resolution is set to highest (1366x768)

Try using a lower Res.

Thanks for your reply Thor. I reduced the resolution, but I got the warning that "Optimal resolution is 1366 x 768. Also, the screen looked not-so-good after lowering the resolution. So I switched back to previous resolution. Still I am very thankful for your reply.

but I got the warning that "Optimal resolution is 1366 x 768

thats not really a warning ,more of a suggestion

You are right caperjack. This didn't help either :)
There is no point in increasing number of posts in unnecessary discussions. Let us be more technical and discuss about the point of question. No offence meant.

There is no point in increasing number of posts in unnecessary discussions

ok ,lets start by answering questions when asked !
what program are you using ,might help ,i would install it on my win7 and see hopw it works, im thinking its a problem with the program and not specific to windows

Thanks caperjack. Even 'Age of Empires' does not occupy whole screen. The e-book program which I am using is not available over the net and sharing it will be a copyright violation. I understand that a screenshot won't be sufficient to justify the problem, but still if you think that it will be useful, please let me know and I will mail you the screenshot. PM me your mail id. Or please let me know how to PM you ( i cudn't find the option to do that) and I will provide u my id.

no need for any of that ,likely wouldn't help me anway .

do you have the lates video device driver from Dell installed on the laptop

@caperjack. Can u plz tell me how can I check if I have the latest drivers? My laptop is less than 6 months old.

ok, right click on [my]Compter icon ,go properties ,open device manager, open display adapter, right click on whats there and go properties /driver ,make a note of the date and version number .
then go to dell support for your laptop model in drivers check display and compare what they have there with yours ,

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