This is the second time my hp g71 358NR laptop screen has broken. The first time I had it repaired at a computer repair shop it cost me too much. This time around I thought I would take a crack at trying to repair it myself. After purchasing a replacement screen and trying to connect it to the inverter, the screen still didn't turn on. After fiddling with it for awhile, I made the mistake of trying to connect the screen with the power on. There was a itsy, tiny spark from the inverter. After that when I connected the power cord to the laptop, the lights in front of the laptop turned on, along with the light at the power cord, but when I push the start button nothing happens. I am at a lost and about to go to a repair shop if I can't fix these issues. Can someone please help?

now you know why it cost so much at the shop,that you need to take it to again ,Im no expert but i have been fixing computer for over 13 yrs now ,self taught and have made some mistakes along the way ,and i cant tell you what happened when you did that with the laptop plugged in ,but if there is spark there is fire[power surge ] ,and it likely burnt/shorted out something ,time to take it to the repair shop

HOw come your screen be broken...?

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