My mac currently has a 126Mb PC133 SDRAM Memory card. I've just bought another 256Mb Memory card to put in it, but it still isn't being recognised by my system. All the "experts" I've consulted so far say it should work. Any tips??? PLEEEEEAAASSSSSEEEEEE:sad:

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Which Mac is it? Are you sure you seated it properly? Are you 100% sure it's compatible RAM?

It's the power mac G4 quicksilver. The memory I've bought for it is a pc-133 sdram. I checked all the specs on the apple website, so it should work.

Well, PC133 RAM should work just fine in there. So if it's not showing up, try moving it to a new slot. If it STILL doesn't show up, then most likely it's either 1) the incorrect RAM, or it's a bad stick and needs to be replaced.

Cheers dude. You been most helpful:)

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