AMD Athlon 2100+
Radeon x700
1.5 gig ddr ram
3 hard drives
dvd burner

ok i believe thats all as far as specs go, now to the actual problem. my pc was working fine until my girlfriend plugged a space heater into an outlet on the same wall that our computers are on. it blew a fuse, i went to the fuse box and reset it. her computer came on just fine, mine however will not. it powers up but will not post. one of the hard drives sounds like it comes on and cuts off again. i unplugged all hard drives because i know it should at least post no matter what. i reseated the ram and the video card. after a while i noticed two faint beeps from what i assume was the mother board. it wasnt like it was coming from the pc speaker, it was a lot quieter than that for some reason. but everytime i turn it on i hear the same two beeps. i do not want to think that it could be my CPU. i just dont understand how it could work just fine and then go off and not come back on again. stupid entropy

i noticed just today that the hdd lights on the case are not coming on either, that leads me to believe the mobo is fried since those lights are connected to the mobo and not directly to the psu

Motherboards are critical and very very sensitive pieces of semiconductor. I've seen the poor things get burned plastic on their 20-pin power adapters and some that cannot be powered down without unplugging or killing the power supply. One little spike is all that's needed to make anyone's day a miserable one. So, in these power scenarios, the processor usually comes out a survivor of the arena, and gets no real dosage of the electricity. Your motherboard, however, is as useful as a piece of French wall decor. I have two pieces of equipment near me to support this argument--both ruined because my friend's house is historic and we were stupid to connect a power strip onto a power stip. ::sigh:: I really like my new ASUS P5P800 SE, though. Electricity, not just entropy, is a bitch.