When I was playing Warcraft 3 (a little dated but still a good game) my computer blue screened. The physical memory dump got to 95% when it stalled for a few minutes. I decided to restart the computer. After I did this the computer did not recognise my keyboard, mouse of screen. My screen was blank and my monitor started shuffling between HDMI and the other connection types (as it does when nothing is plugged in). I restarted my computer multiple times and the same happened. It registers the keyboard mouse and screen for a second and then it drops out (the lights flicker on my keyboard and mouse then go off, the screen locks onto a connection and then starts to shuffle). So it's as if these devices aren't plugged into my pc or not registering as being plugged in when I start the computer. I haver tried connecting another monitor but the same happens. Does anyone know what's going on with my pc?
And the most important question: is this an issue to do with my hard-drive?
Little facts that could be helpful: The cd-rom drive opens and closes when the pc is on. Recently the desktop (windows explorer) has not been responding when I log into windows. I am running windows 7.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

When you first start the computer (power on from a cold shutdown), hold down either the F2 or Esc key and keep it held down until you get the BIOS screen. If that doesn't work, then it is likely a hardware problem - most likely not the disc itself.

If you are using windows, windows does have a system log.
That log may provide more information to you.

I think this is a Nvida Re-balling issue. So it does have a short
circuit then power chip could not power on the Nvidia chip.So it
powers on and then flickers and system will be halted.
So if that did not make into the bios screen you could use a debug
card and read it's log messages.

This is a common issue, most of the HP laptops does have this issue.

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