I've P3 Desktop which starts by pressing F1 key of a PS2 keyboard. For a reason, I tried to start the PC with a USB keyboard, but I failed to start Windows as the keyboard was not activated & I failed to press the F1 key. Can anyone please tell me the reason why the USB keyboard had failed te be active before the Windows started? Without changing the battery of Mainboard, how can I start Windows with a USB keyboard?

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Quite simply, you can't. USB keyboards didn't exist when P3 motherboards were made so their bios's don't have any support for them!

You can, however, get a USB-to-PS2 adapter, probably for very little money. They used to come with many USB mice and keyboards.

Not all USB keyboards or mice are designed to work with the adapter. In general, if it was supplied with an adapter then is supports it, if it wasn't supplied with one then it doesn't.

Interesting, I didn't know that. Every one I ever tried worked fine, I never had occasion to try that many :)

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