Well ive narrowed down the parts but im still changing things is the anything i should look at changing or should i leave it as is?
Currently the parts but the pricing and parts are as follows
Thermaltake Spedo Advance ($285.00)

Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5 M/b- 1600MHz FSB ($385.00)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 ($495.00)

Toughpower QFan 750W (power supply) ($222.00)

Razer Lycosa Mirror Special Edition Keyboard ($79.95)

Razer Lachesis Mouse ($79.95)

Zalman CNPS9900 LED (Cooling)

kingston 4gig kit (2 x 2gig) PC2-8500 DDR2 1066 dual channel ram X2 ($151.00)
(8Gb total hopefully) (still looking around)

Creative Inspire M2600 2.1 setup (Sound system) ($45.00)

Leadtek GF9800GX2 PCI-E 1GB Video Card (2 in SLI)

Total $2584.90 probably wrong i have changed some things and havent recalculated

No screen chosen yet
not sure if i should go for liquid cooling or for fan plz help me out on this one

read what i said in the other threads

Do you mean two 9800GX2s in SLI or just the one 9800GX2 because the X48 will take one 9800GX2 but not 2 of them.

The GTX295 is out now for about $500 USD which is the new NVidia dual card. Not saying you should get one, just for your info.

isnt SLIing two GX2s basically like having 4 cards, seems kind of pointless and expensive (in fact i dont even think you can SLI two GX2s? as isnt it basically two 9800s joined together in one package anyway?)

You can SLI two of those cards, but only on an SLI motherboard like a 780i or an X58, not on an X48.

And yes, having 4 cards (well 2x2) is very pointless. Most games won't utilise it and NVidia have pretty much abandoned driver development for these cards anyway. Most people find their X2 cards good to start with, but as new things come out driver support drops off.

The main point of the X2 cards is just bragging rights for AMD/NVidia "fastest card in the world, woot!"

well i dont need to go over the top with the Graphics card then

No, not over the top, but there's something to be said for getting the best you can afford.

If spending an extra $50 gets you 10% more performance, you'd have to go for it.

Personally I got a GTX280 about 6-8 months ago and I'm very happy with it.

A single 9800 is still very good
gives the same performance of 2 8800s in SLI in most games

Yup. A 9600 is basically about the same as a single 8800
Thats what ive got in my rig. Runs all the same games as my old 8800 (it died so got upgraded)

A 9800 is kickass though. Only reason i didnt get one is that my case is wierd (doesnt like cards which take up 2 slots / have big fans or are long)