For some rather peculiar reason, I'd been experiencing certain problems with my CD-RW, which was working perfectly well until recently but not lately, I'm afraid.

Recently, I was ONLY able to open the CD-RW at certain times such as, in between as soon as I switch the PC on and before I reach the desktop. Once it gets open, I could've inserted blank CD at that state which can be then used to copy data onto.

Yesterday however, when I somehow managed to open the CD-RW (again at the same time i.e. when the PC is being switched on & before it reaches the desktop) & inserted the blank CD-RW, it was NOT getting recognised, since the software kept on giving me the message saying "CD is NOT there" or something similar.

I can't even open the CD-RW (by selecting eject or by pressing the button itself). I wonder if there's something wrong with some cable of CD-RW, since it HARDLY opens & when it does & the CD is inserted, its NOT recognised.

CD-RW in itself isn't too old but I wonder what could've gone wrong, all of a sudden. Can anyone point me in the right direction ???

For the not ejecting syndrome, I would guess a fault with the ejection mechanism itself. This requires professional service.

As for the disc not being recognised, are you able to read pre-recorded discs? IF yes, the CDRW could be bad.