your help would be much appreciated in my quest to solve this issue.my girlfriends computer has what i like to calla ghost mouse.once the cpu is turned on the mouse is fine but after a few mins the pointer will freeze in place. the mouse still works it's just not seen until you scroll over something that will light up or you right click the desktop to see where it is. i tried a few things like updating drivers and rolling them back even. and still to no avail. i have also tried to delete and reinstall the drivers and devices. but truthfully i am lost. the next step is to take it to someone who will charge me an arm and a leg which is not really possible for my arms and legs are already spent . once again your help would be much appreciated in this matter. thank-you

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I think the problem lies within video driver. Not a mouse. Mouse either works or not. If it is not DISPLAYED right... well, that is a VGA domain. Most of the VGAs have hardware acceleration regarding mouse pointers. You should update or roll back the video driver.

If that doesn't help, try reducing hardware acceleration. Right click on desktop/"Properties" menu item/"settings" tab/"advanced" button/"Troubleshoot" tab. There is a slider that is on full by default. Try reducing it one nudge by one nudge and applying changes to see if it helps. Below it is a brief explanation of what is being disabled. That can help you in search of the cause of this weird behavior. Probably an outdated dll file.

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