Hi I am new here but this seemed like a helpful site so hopefully you will be able to help me. I was told by someone that I could use headphones in order to talk to people on messenger so I did that and no one i was talking to on there could hear me. So on Saturday I bought one of those cheap computer microphones that you can plug into your microphone socket on the speaker.
Tried it again and still didnt work, so i went to tools and audio setup on messenger and there is a little test you run basically to speak into the microphone to see if it recognises any sound. It didn't unfortunately so i did the same thing on control panel sounds and audio devices and again no sound was detected when I spoke into the microphone on the accessories entertainment part for volume control i have added microphone into that list but still its unable to detect my voice.

I hope someone is able to help me because this driving me insane at the mo moment :evil: thanks

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I am having the same problems. Someone help!!!!

I've went to all the Windows XP sites regarding audio drivers, speech recognition crap and everything else including installing it all. However, I can't get my microphone to start. Jeez...


If you can get a new sound card . I think will be the easiest way to solve this problem . You can get a cheap one , or get a Creative Sound Blaster card to have a good quality sound

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