when i turn it on. it works fine and then it goes to the screen where it loads my Windows XP Home edition, and then screen turns black. Then its SUPPOSED to take me to my login screen but instead the screen stays black. When the screen turns black the light that blinks to show its working, stops blinking
whats the problem?
and how do i fix it?

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Did you try to boot in safe mode?
(F8 when booting, select safe mode)

rightclick My computer, select properties.
Click on the "hardware" tab and click on the "Device manager" button.
There you will see list of drivers and some may not be loaded. Those problematic will have yellow triangle with an exclamation in it. My guess is the display driver. Rightclick that problem driver and select "disable" or "uninstall". Reboot the system (normally) and reinstall the driver in question (video drivers are usually not included with windows driver pack).

it doesnt let me restart in safe mode, maybe there is a missing chip? because my parents always take my computer and might have removed a chip

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