I'm looking at some towers on newegg and I'm trying to pick one out. I'm open to a full tower but I'd like to know if I can get away with a smaller case, mainly because of the price. I'd like to build a media server so the first priority is to have enough space and sata ports for multiple hard drives. One question in particular that I have about this is if there is a small case I could wrap around a larger HD to allow it to slide into a 5.25 external bay?

Based upon your question, I assume you have a 5.25" disc you want to use? Any box with a 5.25" external bay will include slide to attach to your disc that will let it "slide into" the bay as you wish.

The size of tower you get will limit the size of motherboard you can install, and that will limit the number expansion slots will will have, as well as possibly whether it can handle 1 or 2 CPUs and the number of memory slots available.

Also, for a media server, make sure you get at least a 750va power supply.

Ah the gaming cases are great I have got one sitting here churning away

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