Greetings to all -- I have a Compaq 6515b notebook that boots, runs fine.
However, when I shutdown, the display remains in a dim, black screen state when using the charger. If on battery, this does not happen. If I replug the charger back in, the notebook will boot immediately - - no need to use the power switch. There are also BIOS issues where the notebook is not holding dates and resets itself back to 1980, even after I have changed the battery. I have tried adjusting the power settings with no success. There is a very minor chip in the LCD power connector to the motherboard on its edge, but all fingers within the connector are intact. I did observe some oxidation in the power switch area of the the mb which I cleaned up. Any thoughts - - or am I dealing with a dying motherboard?

How old is this system? Assuming these issues have appeared fairly recently, I can only assume that the system is starting to suffer hardware failure.

Thank you Rubberman. It's not a "youngster" - guessing about 2007ish. I already cleaned up dust build up in the fan & heatsink. I am tending toward hardware board failure myself - - never saw this type of shutdown issue before with the monitor staying on after notebook shuts down ...